Ban on Sale and Marketing of Bituminous (Smoky) Coal

A ban on the marketing, sale and distribution of bituminous coal applies in sixteen towns and cities around the country (Dublin from 1990, Cork 1995, Arklow, Drogheda, Dundalk, Limerick and Wexford 1998, Celbridge, Galway, Leixlip, Naas and Waterford 2000, Bray, Kilkenny, Sligo and Tralee 2003).

The origins of the coal bans date from the start of the 1990s when the main air quality problem facing Ireland was the occurrence of “winter smog” (smoke and sulphur dioxide emissions) resulting from widespread use of bituminous or smoky coal in major urban areas leading to serious health effects for people.

Regulations were made in 1990 to ban the marketing, sale and distribution of bituminous coal in the Dublin area. Smoke and sulphur dioxide (SO2) levels showed considerable improvement once the ban was introduced and it was decided in subsequent years to extend the ban further in order to achieve and preserve good air quality in the selected areas.

Kerry County Council Environmental services staff enforce the Air Pollution Act and the regulations banning the sale and marketing of bituminous coal in the Tralee area. Anyone involved in the selling or distribution of coal in Tralee must ensure that the coal is of the smokeless variety and states on the bag that it is smokeless. The selling or distribution of Bituminous or Smoky coal in the Tralee area may result in Kerry County Council carrying out a prosecution under the Air Pollution Act 1987.

For further information please contact the Environmental Services Section – 066 7162000

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